It’s time to put yourself (and your career) first.

We understand what it means to be a busy woman with many responsibilities: you can’t put your life on hold; the world doesn’t stop just for us; dreams of tomorrow often take a back seat to the realities of today. And yet, with enough support, you can get your degree and reach your goals. It happens here all the time.

At Bay Path University, we truly understand women: how they live, how they learn, and how important a college degree is to their professional dreams. But helping you successfully complete your degree means being flexible and innovative with our approach.

Here’s how our degree program is designed for you, regardless of your circumstances. We will:

  • Prepare you for cutting-edge job opportunities
  • Offer real support, whether you’ve been out of school for two months or 20 years
  • Deliver a rigorous and meaningful degree program
  • Allow you to earn your degree faster
  • Provide majors in top growing fields
  • Give you university credit for learning acquired through experience